Market research for a company that truly puts their audience at the heart of their packaging development. Nettex is a British company that has been researching, formulating and manufacturing animal health products for over 35 years.  They are a global brand that supplies over 40 countries with products that riders AND horses love.They originally came to Let’s Talk to enhance their in store presence, Nettex were up against some fierce competition in the retail landscape which was causing them to lose out on retail sales at equestrian and country retailers across the world.

The project

Part one of the project was to develop buyer personas to help understand the needs and wants of their customers.  We worked with Nettex to create ‘Kate’ and ‘Gloria’.  Kate and Gloria represented two different audience groups that had differing perceptions of the brand. We used focus groups to determine their thoughts about the product range and what they liked or disliked about them.

It was during this phase of the project that we discovered that actually the two groups felt that both the product packaging and branding had a part to play in it not being selected off the shelves.

Nettex took this insight and asked us to dig a little deeper. They asked Let’s Talk to go to market and bring back valuable audience insight that could be turned into a useful design brief for new product branding.

So we went back to the focus groups to gain qualitative feedback on two new packaging concepts along with  a better understanding of product benefits and key features for use in sales copy. We also examined competitor products and the brand's old packaging.


We collated and summarised the feedback to provide practical insight about  the opening and closing of the packaging and to provide advice on how to modernise the packaging with QR codes and the use of reviews.

We found that reviews and the quality of packaging came out as ‘more important’ to customers than the style and design of the packaging.  

The results were used by their in-house design team to develop the look, style and tone of the packaging which helped them take their brand to the next level.

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