Local authority housing

Development of brand visibility to cultivate a positive reputation

London council housing delivery division


Let’s Talk were asked to support the development of a place-making brand communications strategy, to support a London council’s new community-focused housing delivery company.

The aim was to enhance the reputation of the organisation and raise awareness amongst all stakeholders, including the general public, as well as potential buyers.


To meet the required aim, Let’s Talk offered a wide range of strategic services, such as marketing and media training activities including:

To ensure they were adequately prepared, we also worked with our client to provide them with a range of future potential comms requirements, including:


Together, Let’s Talk ensured Homes for Lambeth/the company had the core strategic messaging for the media launch, reflected in the micro site.

We successfully disseminated core messages to the media and developed strategic comms for all of the different stakeholder groups, including potential buyers. This earned trust in the new housing delivery company brand too.

Finally, the media training of key personnel, including the Head of Comms, means our client is confident in continuing to use the assets created, on message and, strategically, where required.


Local authority housing



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