Cladding and roofing material manufacturer

Identifying and engaging the ideal audience to establish your brand


The manufacturer approached us to help raise brand awareness; prominently to communicate them as a premium brand. We were also asked to promote the benefits of the products to a variety of audiences, namely architects, builders and homeowners.


Let’s Talk drew on a number of solutions to help bring the clients request to fruition and raise awareness of the premium brand. This included:

We also had a specialist approach for PR aimed at consumers, drawing upon ‘return on investment’, when investing in a premium product for renovations, in terms of ultimate cost savings. In addition, there was overlap with PR directed towards installers, tradespeople and construction stakeholders, sharing information regarding fire safety, for example.


Our work led to a wide range of coverage in relevant publications and the national press.

Case studies featuring the manufacturer’s cladding and roofing materials were published in a range of media that architects and homeowners read on new builds and residential development. Publications included Design Buy Build, archetech, Home Designer & Architect and Refurbishment & Restore.

Opinion pieces about why to choose fibre cement cladding and the benefits of the products were a;sp published in a range of publications including Public Sector Building, Conservation & Heritage Journal, Housebuilder and Build It.

Together, to date we have also achieved coverage in the national press, including articles in The Times and Daily Telegraph.


Cladding and roofing material manufacturer



Raising brand awareness
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