Who Are We?

The Team


Founder & MD

Vicky has loved every second of her 25 years’ international communications and marketing experience. She’s thrived on working across a broad range of sectors for a variety of multinational brands – and has had great fun being part of both agency and in-house teams.

Vicky is now dedicated to applying the skills she’s crafted over the years to the unique challenges faced by the clients we work with.

A dedicated horsewoman, dog-lover and sailor, Vicky is also a qualified nitrox scuba driver. Which we’re sure will come in handy one day.


Paul’s 30-year career in the Met Police included everything from leading firearms and undercover ops to international fraud. Perfect training for his most important job yet, as our director of operations. 

Paul loves cycling, sailing and skiing. Not at the same time though.


Buzzing with creativity and Gen Z know-how, Josh is an innovative and inspirational designer. His insatiable appetite for knowledge matched with his uncanny ability to absorb information have us queuing up daily to ask for help.  

When he isn’t out racing his bike or mastering the surf, Josh has only gone and created an iOS App. Proud? Us?


With a background in project management, Emma is perfectly poised to ensure our press office team is a well oiled machine. We’re not saying she’s obsessed with our work-flow management tool, but…

Emma lives for her family, friends, horses and wine but not necessarily in that order.


From racing driver to public relations strategist, Clare brings the same full-throttle passion to everything she does. With over 20 years communications experience, she delivers brilliant results for our clients and is a daily inspiration to our team.

Dog-lover, multi-tasker, disco dancer (but only when the lights are out)… what Clare doesn’t know about PR and marketing, Vicky does. Phew.


Our social media and digital marketing bi-lingual specialist, Charis lives in a place no one has heard of in Austria. Cutting her teeth in marketing at a multi-award winning British cutlery design company, her love of the back-end of Facebook flourished.

When she’s not taking German lessons (badly), Charis loves going on hikes with her dog and drinking ‘nice’ coffee.


Ideas, marketing strategies, content creation, journalism, social media, research, competitions, e-commerce, influencers…did we mention ideas?  Passionate about helping brands connect with their audience – that’s our dynamo Emma! 

At the weekend you’ll most likely find her falling off her paddleboard.


Coming from the corporate events industry, every day’s a party with Bekki. But don’t be fooled – a fiercely organised project manager, she knocks out tasks the same way she types –  like a machine gun.

Bekki loves cooking and travel. When restrictions are finally lifted, not sure we’ll see her for dust…


A core member of our press office team, Ellie is in her penultimate year of an M.Sc in Chiropractic and well on her way to becoming a registered chiropractor. 

When she’s not reminding us all to sit up straight, Ellie can be found with her beloved, well-behaved horse or with Vicky’s really naughty one.



Sarah and her extraordinary team catapult our creative ideas into life. Whether it’s full-service video production and photography, post-production, audio or voiceover projects, they help us elevate brands to thrilling new heights.


Chris heads up a team of passionate employee engagement and communication specialists. From coaching and skill development to facilitating state of the art conferences and other live events, Chris is the results-driven dynamo that every business needs. And that’s why we love working with him…


Becks is an exceptional digital marketer. Her team delivers finger-on-the-pulse social media strategy and community management, paid media strategy, shopper activation and digital content creation. Their agile, can-do approach mirrors ours and, frankly, working with them is exhilarating.


Rupa and her team of data crunchers and problem solvers specialise in converting enigmas into enlightenment for companies around the world. Offering the full range of market research, data analytics and business intelligence solutions, they can help us create even more value for you.


Simon leads a team of genius digital developers who build world-class websites, develop innovative apps and produce extraordinary digital content in their sleep. And when they’re awake, we have great fun working with this extraordinarily talented crew who relentlessly deliver exceptional results for our clients.