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You want your brand to be centre stage and great media relations can help you achieve this.

Let’s be social

It’s easy for any business to be ‘on social media’ these days. But do you know which social channels work best for your business?

Content is king

Informing, educating, entertaining and being plain useful. That’s what content marketing is all about – let us tell you why we love it so much.

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We’re all trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. Taking the time and effort to ‘get’ your customers really can make a difference.

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If you want to boost your team with some serious brainpower, we’re ready to dive in and give it our all.


“Vicky’s outlook was always truly global and unlike some partners I have worked with, Vicky always considered the impact and approach for individual markets. It’s refreshing to work with someone that prioritises and respects the nuances of the plethora of countries that encompass their company’s global reach.”

Ravi Edwards
Enterprise Sales Manager, EMEA

“Vicky is a gifted marketer and has the vital ability to drill into a product to extract the hidden gems that make it interesting to a wide audience.”

Mike Talbot
Chief Technology Officer, Alcumus Group Limited

“Vicky is one of those rare individuals that can shorten the distance between you and her with a few simple words. Even across oceans — her solid work ethic, great advice, and personable approach to business made her a go-to resource on a variety of communications and related topics.”

Gregg Ogden
Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at Commvault

“I’m a fan. Vicky made me look really good and she made our client – AND our company a lot of money.”

JoEllen Zumberge
Boar Lodge

Vicky is a true PR guru who has a deep understanding of the industry and of her clients. She is able to deliver strategies and solutions that work, but at the same time is able to hold a mirror to her clients to bring a sense of realism to PR approaches.

Wander Bruijel
Senior Partner, Marketing & Strategy at Elmwood Brand Consultancy